Sunday 14 March 2010

12th May 2009 - Texas Panhandle

After an interesting evening in the Big Texan at Amarillo the night before where one of our group attempted the 72oz Steak Challenge and won!! We awoke to drizzle and temps of 14c, an initial taget for lunch was Plainview and the dryline duly fired up in the afternoon, we followed a Supercell that was heading NE Towards Amarillo but let it go after it went a bit junky looking, the Duststorm with this cell was pretty cool to watch though. We then went for another storm further east towards Turkey and followed this towards Childress (Yep that place again!!) We caught a brief Tornado just South of Childress which we have on video and some great Cg Lightning and Spider Lightning. Vortex 2 were staying just across the road in the Hampton Inn along with their armada of support vehicles and tv crews.
Pic 1 - Duststorm from Cell near Amarillo
Pic 2 - Daytime Cg Lightning Barrage with Hailshaft
Pic 3 - Cg over Childress
Pic 4 - Cg Heaven

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