Sunday 14 March 2010

13th May 2009 - N Oklahoma

This was another Moderate Risk day with the biggest Risk in Missouri but seeing as we were Chasing in the Texas Panhandle the day before we had to settle for the Dryline Storms further south into Central Southern Kansas and North Central Oklahoma, the warm front play in Missouri did yield some impressive Tornadoes but we also had a great day and after we let our Supercell go at about 10pm it dropped 3 Tornadoes in SW Oklahoma near Lawton and Anadarko. Our chase target today was Enid (Ok) and we started from Childress (Tx). We got onto the Tail end Charlie storm (The last in the line) and chased this almost due south in the end with it crossing I-40 Just west of Oklahoma City.
Pic 1 - Initiation
Pic 2 - Mammatus at Sunset
Pic 3 - Anvil Crawler Lightning
Pic 4 - Cg Lightning near El Reno (Ok)

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