Sunday 14 March 2010

15th May 2009 - C Kansas

In the run up to this day the Models were suggesting Tornado Outbreak but yet again another disappointment with the Moderate Risk being nothing more than a Slight Risk IMO

We targeted the Wichita area and a line of Storms duly went up and quickly formed a Line of Storms on an advancing Cold Front. This screamed Squall line from hell and all day we had to run down the line peeping in and out seeing if something could organise itself, but the best we got were some gusty winds and Pea sized hail. We ended the day in Coffeyville (SE Kansas) and let the line go over our Hotel.
Pic 1 - Closest it came to trying to get a Wall cloud done
Pic 2 - Seriously Outflow Dominant Storm Now
Pic 3 - Mothership Supercell approaching Winfield (Kansas)

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