Friday 19 March 2010

21st May 2008 - Colorado

Started the day in Dodge City and had 2 possible targets for day - 1 in Wyoming or Colorado for some Dryline action. After refuelling in Burlington our minds were made up due to some Towers going up along the dryline which was about 30 miles to our West. Got on some fun looking storms with some Nickel sized hail and then the fun began just before Sunset as 1 Storm in particular went Severe warned and had some rotation, followed and photographed this Supercell and one or 2 suspicious lowerings looked the real deal, this storm chased us back to Burlington where we got some Lightning pics and then let the whole MCS Go over the Hotel whist eating Mcdonalds! Certainly a good day for a Slight Risk! Now our attention shifts to a notable 2 day Outbreak being progged by the models for Kansas on the 22nd and 23rd May
Pic 1 - Hail Core right over our location
Pic 2 - Andy got out and inspected the size
Pic 3 - Nice Green tinge to the sky
Pic 4 - Suspicious Lowering near Sielbert (Co)
Pic 5 - Poor Car took a Battering
Pic 6 - Lightning Pic

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