Friday 19 March 2010

22nd May 2008 - Kansas

This was the be the start of a very active period in Kansas. We started from Burlington (Co) with a chase Target of Garden City (Ks). SPC Had issued a High Risk for today and whilst on route to target we got word of an EF4 Tornado hitting the outskirts of Denver in a place called Westminster. Today would turn out to be quite challenging in more way than one, after falling arse over tit into a Corn field and stabbing every part of my body with needle husks we went after the 1st Supercell and followed it North. As we approached Hoxie we took a paved road and were just South of a developing Multi Vortex Tornado, this road just turned to quicksand and all 3 cars in the convoy hit the ditch, with the Tornado churning in the field about 3 Miles to our North there was nothing we could do but find a friendly farmer to bring his Big green John Deere tractor and tow us out and back to tarmac. As we went back west another Tornado from the storm to our south crossed the road in front of us and took the roof off a house. The day was not done with us yet with another close shave with a Tornado to the South of Wakeeney and horrendous driving conditions along I-80, RFD Winds were between 70-80mph with hail hitting us all the way to Hays where we called it a day.

Pic 2 - 1st Supercell near Garden City

Pic 3 - Driving under the Meso just before Hoxie Tornado

Pic 4 - Nick and Dave "Muddy" Ewoldt

Pic 5 - Another Kansas Supercell

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