Monday 15 March 2010

29th April 2009 - Texas Panhandle

This turned out to be one of the most memorable days of the 2009 Season. After chasing the day before in New Mexico our target for lunch was Plainview (Tx) and the dryline fired after lunch about 50 miles to our West. As it happens Plainview was a pretty good spot to be as later that day 2 Tornadoes would occur at the same time near Floydada (About 10 Miles east of Plainview) Our biggest mistake this day would be to check out an earlier Supercell near to Paducah with the intention of going back west to the Right Moving Supercell later in the afternoon, as it happens 2 more Supercells went up between us and the earlier storm with Baseball and Softball sized hail cutting off the only road west. So as all 3 Supercells merged we waited around Paducah and had some pretty hairy moments with 70mph RFD Winds. Decided to core punch the storm at darkness and positioned ourselves near to Quinah for some Lightning photography. Some of the shots we got were the best quality lightning shots I have witnessed in 7 years of chasing. Retreated to Childress tired but fond memories of the day was had by all.
Pic 1 - The Chase Beasts
Pic 2 - Paducah Supercell
Pic 3 - The spoiling Supercells that cut off the tornadic Storm just of the screen to the left!
Pic 4 - 6 - Cg Heaven!

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