Tuesday 23 March 2010

6th May 2007 - Kansas

Started the day in Ellsworth (Ks) knackered after the High Risk day of Saturday. Awoke to a Severe Storm with incredible Hail Roar which had 4 of us just awe inspired (It sounded like hundreds of washing machines) Today was going to be a another tough chase as the risk area was near to Greensburg that had been devastated 2 days earlier by a 1.8 Mile wide EF5 Wedge Tornado. We picked our way South through lots of damage in the Great Bend area and just to the west of Greensburg on Highway 183. We made it to Medicine Lodge and headed South and west to a storm tracking along the Oklahoma / Kansas Border, stopped and took a peek into a squall line with embedded Supercells and out of the HP Mess came a pretty wide Wedge Tornado, we followed this East going through a small town that had Tornado sirens blaring, later shot some Lightning just North of Clinton.

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