Sunday 21 March 2010

6th May 2008 - S Tx Panhandle

Started the day in Liberal (Ks) with a general risk area all the way from Lubbock upto Amarillo!

After a long drive South finally picked up a few Severe storms just east of Lubbock. These had some decent rotation but moreso some evil Hail cores with 3" Stones in a few of them. Tracked these east and then performed a few core punches for Michael Fish to sample some hail, never bigger than Nickel sized with maybe a few golfballs. Ended the day at Abilene.

Pic 1 - Line of Severe storms to our South

Pic 2 - Our position between the 2 Supercells

Pic 3 - Green Hail Cores

Pic 1 -

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