Sunday 21 March 2010

7th June 2007 - SE Kansas

The last chase of the 2007 season for me and a High Risk day. We blew off the Iowa & Minnesota Risk to chase in SE Kansas as we had to get flights back early the next day. Started in C Nebraska and drove down towards SE Kansas. The cap was really beginning to look like it would win out but finally at 830pm a LP Supercell fired near to Coffeyville and we had something to chase as last, but with only 45 minutes of daylight left it was going to have to do something pretty sharpish. Alas it could not do anything of note and after nearly getting us killed on a level crossing with a 200 carriage train trundling towards us we called it a night and stopped off in Independence (Ks) A bit of a let down for a High Risk day.

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