Tuesday 23 March 2010

8th May 2007 - NW Texas

This turned out to be a very long day and a very rewarding one as we targeted an area about 250 miles outside the SPC Slight Risk Watch box. Our overnight position of Childress got pumelled by a line of severe storms at 345am. After breakfast we headed west towards the Caprock escarpment but temps and dews here were awful with 7c and 5c Dewpoints (Brrr)

So we headed much further South and East towards Throckmorton and immediately hit the juicy air, temps climbed to 85f and we picked a 2 Supercells that were ahead of a surging Squall line. We only had about 45 minutes before the squall would eat these two cells up but knew that the pictures later on would be of the mothership variety. When we got to the SE Of the Shackleford storm a rotating Mesocyclone was on the road to our North, this storm had already had 1 Tornado reported with it before we got to it but we followed it for about 30 mins and nothing managed to drop in that time, by now the rampaging squall line was about to gobble it up so we rushed about 20 miles ahead and then looked back in awe and gasped at the UFO Mothership. Ended the day at Wichita Falls.

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