Thursday 1 July 2010

11th May 2010 - OK Panhandle

Started Tuesday 11th May in Norman with a Chase Target of Woodward, should have stuck to this as the Storm of the Day went up just before Sunset near there after finally winning the battle against the Strong Cap. Initially we headed down towards Lawton but anything that tried to go up down there hit some sort of Inversion and just eroded away with Orphan Anvils floating across the Sky. Headed back North and Gassed up in Cordell when one Storm finally looked the business, guess where it was yep Woodward. Anyhow this was only about 1 hour ahead of us so we made it in plenty of time to witness a beautiful LP Supercell spinning above our heads, some large hail was found on it's NE Flank so we stayed away from that, followed the Storm until she died off and headed back to Enid for the Night in readiness for another Oklahoma Risk tomorrow. Some Pics of the LP Supercell.

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