Thursday 15 July 2010

14th May 2010 - Big Bend Texas

Started Friday 14th May in Amarillo with a Chase Target of between Lubbock and Midland. On route from Amarillo down I-29 We punched through a few Non Severe Storms, then near Lamesa our First Supercell was due South heading straight at us, had to Core Punch this and took some fairly hefty Golfball Sized Hailstones. As we emerged from the Green Fog we had just missed a Tornado which was embedded in the HP Storm, luckily for us it was just to our West, one of the others has video of this Roping Out. Then had to negotiate the Line of Supercells that were tracking up I-20. Picked a Highway that enabled us to cut right down between both Supercells and emerge the other side to be due SW & SE Of the 2 Storms. The one to our SW Started to track hard to the SE So it was time for us to be chased. Had great fun with this Storm all the way to Senora where we let the Now Severe Thunderstorm hit our Hotel. Got some great Lightning and Sunset Shots.

Some Pics above

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