Friday 16 July 2010

18th May 2010 - Texas Panhandle

Today we awoke to find the Models had not changed overnight and the 10% Hashed Risk for Tornadoes in the Moderate Risk area still looked Solid. Our Overnight location of Lubbock would mean an easy Drive to my Chase Target of Dumas. Along the way we had a few issues which put us back a couple of Hours but this did not mar our day or our Target area. After dropping one of the Guys at a Medical Centre in Amarillo we grabbed some lunch at Braums in Dumas. Just before we reached Dumas I noticed the Dryline about 40 Miles to our West and this is where the Supercell Storm of the Day duly erupted. So we literally had to drive about 5 Miles West from there to intercept a Beautiful Classic Supercell. Our positioning was near spot on right in the Notch and Inflow area, the Storm dropped our first Tornado at about 535pm, we then re-positioned just SE Of Dumas to witness a larger Tornado about 3 Miles East of Dumas, even after all this we still had time to witness another Tornado at Stinnett (Tx) which was about 1/4 of a mile away, after this we had no road options and no choices so had to end the Chase there as we had to get some of the guys back to Dallas Fort Worth for afternoon flights the next day. Another Storm fired up just before darkness about 50 miles to our West, This Storm went on to drop about 3 Tornadoes in the Dark near Borger and we could have easily intercepted these if it was not for the brutal 450 Miles drive ahead of us. All in all a great last chase day for Tour 2 and another 3 Tornadoes to add to 2010's Tally.
Pic 1 - Classic Supercell
Pic 2 - 1st Brief Tornado
Pic 3 - Our Position
Pic 4 - What the Supercell Looked like from the Above Radar Position
Pic 5 - TIV Getting into Position for an Intercept
Pic 6 - Large Tornado 3 Miles East of Dumas

Just a few of the Many Pictures Taken above

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