Saturday, 17 July 2010

May 23rd 2010 - Kansas

Started Sunday May 23rd in Hays (Ks) with a prelimary Chase Target of that general area. Went to a National Park and chilled out having a picnic! A Tornado Watch was issued at 4pm and the first cells fired down near Garden City! As we neared Dighton I had a massive sense of Deja Vu! Was on the same road at exactly the same time and exactly the same date as 2 years earlier when we witnessed the 2 Tornadoes at once near Dighton, only problem today was this was a Slight Risk and that was a High LOLStorm Motions today were straight North at 40mph so we let the first HP Beast rocket off to the North towards Oakley! Then went west and witnessed an Incredibly Pretty LP Supercell, this was tracked just due west of a straight North Road - Perfect! Followed this North and it tried so many times to Tornado, at one point a Rotating Wall Cloud was just off the road to our North West, the cell then died off and we were involved in the Vortex2 Circus for about 30 Miles! By this time the Burlington Storm was in our sites and we plotted a course to Intercept, went North towards I-70 & The rest is History - Chase over as a Dumper Truck was sprawled across the North Road, we could have easily intercepted the Stovepipe Tornado ongoing just 33 Miles to our West! One of those things but we all really enjoyed the Chase. Stopped South East of Colby and shot Lightning before heading back to Colby for the Night!

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