Wednesday 23 February 2011

24th February - Moderate Risk

As expected the first real Tornado Risk of the year is almost upon us, SPC Have a SWODY2 (Severe Weather Outlook Day 2) MODERATE Risk for mainly Dixie Alley. Most models are deepening the Low now and a few options have favourable Warm Front scenarios extending east North-Eatwards from the Low, Mid 60f Dewpoints looking likely across Eastern Arkansas, Western Tennessee and Mississippi later on the 24th and favourable Conditions further east should get the job done but it might be later in the day and after darkness for these areas so not easy to chase on 2 counts. A, Terrain and B, Nightfall.

If a few Supercells can ride along the Warm Front and not cross the boundary then a few Stronger Tornadoes are Possible mainly in Eastern, and North Eastern Arkansas, Western and North Western Tennessee and the Missouri Bootheel.

I guess there will be quite a few of the Storm Deprived chasing this so I guess Severe Studios or ChaserTv will be busy with the early Season chasers!!

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