Saturday, 26 February 2011

Moderate Risk - 27th February 2011

So the Models have changed for the better and my earlier target still holds, would be based in Oklahoma City tonight for the virtual World and target the Kansas and Oklahoma Border along the I-35 Corridoor in the hopes something can fire along he dryline before darkness falls. I dont doubt all hell will break loose over Arkansas and Missouri tomorrow overnight but this really is not chaseable unless you want lots of wind and rain with embedded Tornadoes in the trees.

Will await tomorrows models to see if it is North from Ok City or sit tight to see how the ejecting Low behaves. One thing is for sure another day with Warp speed Storms.

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  1. Keeping a Tab on how the Virtual Target Verified.

    Supercell Initiation West of Medford (Ok).

    Features seen would have been Wall Cloud and Brief Tornado just East of I-35 In North Central Oklahoma