Tuesday 29 March 2011

2011 StormChase Staff

4 weeks to go so just a little info about who will be looking after the guests and their roles over the 7 weeks we are out chasing. Moi - Paul is the Lead Chaser and Driver for Tours 1 - 4 and will be responsible for Chase Targets , Chasing Decisions and Forecasts, heavily liasing with the GPS Guy on Road Options . Tom Lynch - Tom is the driver for Tours 1 & 2 and also is heavily involved in the Forecasting side of things, A veteran Storm Chaser having been out Stateside since the year 2000! Ian Cameron - Ian returns for his 5th Year Chasing with the Netweather Team and is resposible for GPS & Hospitality, sometimes called the Social Secretary he also deals with things on down days and night-time entertainment. Ian Michaelwaite - This will be Ian's 2nd year on the Team and will be the driver for Tours 1 & 2. He is also involved with the Booking of Hotels and the general admin of the Tours. Also adds Photography and Technical Support to his roles within the team. John Hanrahan - John returns for his 4th Year with Netweather (3rd as a Team Member) and is the Driver this year for Tour 3. He also takes care of the Streaming side of things as well as Technical Support. Arron Hiscox - Arron joins the team this year as the rookie helping with GPS For Tours 3 & 4. Another who is very good at all things computer related and Technical Support. Paul Michaelwaite - This will be Paul's 3rd Year helping the Netweather Team having been out chasing in 2008 and 2010 previously (Maybe he knew 2009 was going to be pants Lol) He will be the driver for Tour 4 this year and again is a dab hand at technical Support. Michael Fish MBE - Mike Returns for his 2nd Chase with the Netweather Team having previously been out at the Start of May 2008. Obviously his forecasting knowledge is first class having been a BBC Weatherman for nearly 30 years and having studied at Oklahoma University in the 1970's. So quite a diverse Team this year and one that covers all angles of the Chase From Photography to Technical Support to GPS To Driving keeping you all safe.

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