Tuesday 8 March 2011

Chase Target - 08-03-11

After finally looking at the Shifting Models have decided to Move further South and East from Ardmore down towards Paris (Texas) and hope the Dryline produces within the narrow corridoor of Moisture before the Cold Front comes crashing through and Spoiling the Party with a QLCS The Latter Mode. SPC Have the major Tornado Risk much further South East into Louisiana and I dont doubt there might be some Strong Tornadoes down there, but chasing at night and in the Swamps with the Crocs is not my idea of Fun. So if we were there we would be chasing the 2-5% Tornado Risk in North East Texas.

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  1. Keeping a tab on how the target verified.

    Supercell Initiation West of Sherman.

    Features seen would have been 2 Tornadoes between Sherman and Paris (Texas)