Friday 4 March 2011

A Pretty Eventfull Week!

Well that was a pretty damn good Week. Started off on Monday being phoned by my Local Paper and them asking about a Story to go in the Southend Evening Echo, did a Telephone Interview and Sent them about 7 Pictures, The Finished article came out in Thursday's Edition and was very well written and they used some of my better pictures and the ones I would have chosen as well. This is when the Power of the Media escalates things, unbeknown to me my Mum phones me and asks what the hell am I doing in the Daily Star (Major National Paper) of which I knew nothing about, turns out they found out about the Story in the Smaller Local paper and ran the story. It then gets even better, an Email was sent to Netweather from the biggest Press Association Company and they want to run a Story for a Major Magazine about me and the better half, so after getting her consent the wheels on that one get rolling on Monday morning with another Interview lined up at 9am.
Will update with what happens next week.

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