Friday 8 April 2011

9th & 10th April - Severe Weather Outbreak!

Models getting some great cross model agreement now regarding the Strong Trough affecting the Upper Midwest Saturday and Sunday. An impressive Mid Level Jet Streak should make Saturday go Moderate Risk across Iowa along a stationery Warm Front, and for this reason would probably discount the Isolated Supercells across Oklahoma today and make the trip to Des Moines for Friday Night in the virtual world. If Saturday looks great Sunday looks scary across the same regions and points north and east of there. At the moment Wisconsin and Minnesota look amazing just NE Of the 987 Low but those areas are hard to chase at the best of times, it could be that some Strong to Violent Tornadoes are possible as the SPC Has a 45% Hatched area already for the Day3 Outlook. To keep it real would probably be looking at the far North East of Iowa for Sunday and hope the LP Slows down and the risk area gets pushed further south into more chaseable terrain.

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