Tuesday 19 April 2011

Chase Target - Tue 19th April 2011

Ok had a look at the Models this morning and am going to leave my morning Position of Jefferson City and move eastwards through St Louis and base myself at Effingham (Illinois) and play the warm sector in the hopes something can fire east of the Low and not get outdone by the Cap. I have no doubt the first convection will fire around the NE Oklahoma, and SW Missouri area but this will very quickly evolve into a monster Cold Front Squall Line, there is a breif window for discrete Supercells before this happens but I would not fancy the terrain over there, By 9pm there will be a Line stretching from NE Texas to NE Indiana marching eastwards with more of a High Wind event. Helicity and Shear look very nice east of St Louis with 2000 - 3000jkg of Cape and good Temp and Dp Spreads at around 74/62f.

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  1. Virtual Chase Update On How This Would Have Panned Out. Overall I am quite happy with the way things turned out, would have missed the Bowling Green Tornado as I chose to start east of the MS River but would have hoped to have been all over the Girard White Cone Tornado That crossed US55 Just NE Of St Louis and NW Of Effingham