Monday 18 April 2011

Looking Back At The 3 Day Outbreak

Well what an Outbreak that turned out to be, starting on Thursday 14th April and ending Late on Saturday 16th April from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia and North Carolina. Numerous Fatalities are the grim side of mother nature and this always seems to be the case when Negative Tilted Troughs with Ample Moisture advected by the Low Level Jet impacts these areas. One thing that was apparant was the difference in the local tv channels with the way they respond to the Severe weather as it is impacting their listening areas. In Tulsa on Thursday they had the helicopter up for amazing pictures for their viewers and were focusing on areas of rotation and where it would be heading, contrast this with the coverage for N Carolina on Saturday and it was stark just how unready the mets were with them focusing more on viewers sending in pictures and reporters going to buildings that had just been hit, communities in the line of fire North of Raleigh had no coverage of what areas of the Supercell were likely to have rotation pass very near to them, they did get a bit better later on but even so very rusty coverage. Maybe this is the reason more people lose their lives further east than in parts of Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas and most of the plains where the coverage is first class for expereinced mets that know what needs to be put out there. A lot had been made also of Storm Basements being numerous in the Plains as opposed to the Carolinas which could have had an impact as well. At the time of writing it looks like their have been upwards of 200 Tornadoes with nearly 50 deaths and numerous injuries from this active weather, and it looks like Tuesday 19th April is going to see more severe weather over Missouri and Illinois.

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