Wednesday 20 April 2011

Start Of Our Chase Holiday

Well this morning I am pretty gutted at what the models are showing, after nearly 6 weeks of continual troughing the dreaded ridge pattern is rearing his ugly head just in time for May from some of the longer range Models this morning. The next week looks fantastic ending yep you got it the day we land at DFW On the 28th April. For Friday I can see another solid Moderate Risk in Missouri and Illinois with another great chance for Tornadoes in both States, I'd expect a possible Day 2 Moderate Risk Upgrade tomorrow from the SPC. Saturday sees somewhat of a lull before more possible Severe weather for Sunday. Now Monday to Wednesday (25-27th) is really grabbing my attention with multiple rounds of Severe Storms possible firstly in the Texas Panhandle for Monday, then Kansas and Oklahoma for Tuesday and again the Mississippi Valley for Wednesday. After this a strong ridge is showing on the latest 00z GFS Model shoving the Jet up into Canada and keeping Moisture miles away in the GOM. The one fear I have is once these Ridge patterns set in they can persist for upwards of 2-3 weeks and get termed "Death Ridge" I pray this will only be a temporary ridge for the weekend after easter and troughing can set up once again.

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