Sunday 24 April 2011

T Minus 96 Hours

4 days until the flight so now is the time to make sure everything is packed and in working order. The Models are at least looking semi active and look like maintaining the Trough-Ridge-Trough Pattern as we go through the 1st week of May. Have singled out May 3rd as it is continually being shown as an active day with a 996mb Low ejecting across the Kansas area, before that some marginal chase opportunities look likely and another reload just before Tour 1 finishes so very happy at the moment. This week looks pretty wild but once again favoured areas are the trees and hills of Eastern Oklahoma and the Arklatex region. As expected the SPC Go with a SWODY2 Moderate Risk so will firm up a chase target for tomorrow on Easter monday but at the moment somewhere just east of Pine Bluff for the flat rice fields look appealing more than the hills near Russelville etc

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