Wednesday 6 April 2011

Thursday to Sunday Looking Great!

Well Looks like the SPC Now coming on board for Friday and Saturdays Dryline Event, latest SWODY3 Shows the Dryline play in Central Oklahoma through Central Kansas for Supercells to erupt, the CINH Should not be a problem with an ejecting Impulse aiding with the CI. Not looking great for Tornadoes on this day but Saturday looks much better from Iowa all the way down to Western North Texas. Thursday 7th Risk would see us setting up shop virtually in Wichita (Ks) Tonight awaiting the morning's model runs to see where Convective Initiation is likely for Thursday's Risk. Sunday still looks decent enough but I have a feeling the risk will be way off to the East by then and Illinois down to the Tennessee Valley looks likely to encounter Severe Weather.

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