Thursday 2 June 2011

17th May 2011 - Colorado

Started the day in Amarillo with a Chase Target of East Central Colorado and some Colorado magic! At 6pm whilst heading towards Limon things were not looking great, a storm had formed further North so we went to take a look, unfortunately along the way we got a flat tyre, and around the same time 2 Supercells were forming right over us and just behind us, all of this in 12c temperatures. We decided to send 1 of the cars ahead to a cell to our north and the other 2 cars stayed behind to change the tyre, now the fun really began with Golfball sized hail hitting our location. After 20 minutes of changing the flatty we sped off after the growing storm, decided to punch back through the core along I-70 And got ahead of the storm to see an amazing Funnel cloud, pictured Lightning and took even more golfball hail in Burlingotn before meeting up with the other car which was limping home with yet another flat tyre.

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