Wednesday 29 June 2011

30th May 2011 - Nebraska (Moderate Risk)

Started this day in Columbus (Nebraska) knowing that this would be a day of Supercells firing along a Cold Front (Not my favourite type of Storm due to the HP Nature and Line Segments)

SPC Said storms would fire at 21z and at 302pm the first duly fired to our North West, this rocketed into South Dakota so we stayed put and the line started to fire further to our SW. So we played the waiting game as road options down there were pretty shocking, in fact most of the other chasers who were in a much better position had to let the best storm near O'Neill go for this very reason. As the first storm neared it looked beautiful if very HP'ish. We ran east alongside it and let the Outflow hit us with nearly 70mph winds and numerous Gustnadoes, in fact this day will be remembered as Gustnadofest! The storms then lined up in a 200 mile long squall line so we kept just East of this and watched numerous Supercells pass to our West, each one High Precip and gusting out. Ended the day in Yankton (South Dakota) with a stupendous drive back to Dallas Fort Worth for changeover the next day!

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