Wednesday 29 June 2011

7th June 2011 - North Dakota

Started the day in Belle Fourche with a 350 Mile drive to get towards the East Central part of North Dakota along I-90. My target was Jamestown with 1 eye on the bigger Tornado Risk in NW Minnesota as well. By early afternoon some Supercells had fired to our SW Near to Bischmark and the choice had to be made to risk the heavily Capped risk in Minnesota or go with the risk to our South West. Made the decision to go with the North Dakota storms and was pleasantly surprised when 2 of them became Tornado warned with some great rotation. The 2nd Storm we got had a condensed Funnel halfway to the ground but just could not get the job done. Ended the day with some nice Mammatus and Rainbow shots before eating at Applebees and a longish drive back West in readiness for a few days chasing in Wyoming and Nebraska.

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