Wednesday 29 June 2011

May 25th 2011 - AR/MO High Risk!

Ended the day on the 24th with 3 Tornadoes but another day another High Risk! This time further east so a start at 9am and a quick run into Arkansas towards Little Rock was needed, I knew the terrain very well from previous chases so wanted to await storms to mature and head across the rice fields and onwards towards Tennessee and the Mississippi River Flood Plains where we had a good chance at some views without hills and trees. Most of the Tornadoes on this day would be in Missouri with very few in Arkansas but chances were increasing as the LLJ Cranked up just before Sunset. Storm motions to the ENE Meant we had to keep dropping south and east to sample the next Supercell down the line. All in all we saw 4 Supercells and the very last one dropped another Wedge Tornado just SE Of Tunica in Mississippi, this was special as it was my first ever Mississippi Nado! We only managed a screen grab of this as darkness was upon us being so far South and East. Ended the day in Memphis eating on the next table to Tim Samaras and the Twistex Team!

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