Thursday, 25 August 2011

22nd August - Mount Lemmon (Tucson)

Today the SE Flow was coming back into the area around Tucson so our attention was focused back towards the South of the State. We left Phoenix at Noon and went to have a look at Mount Lemmon which is 9,000ft asl. Along the Mountain road we found some stunning views over Tucson and envisaged a Storm rolling through the valley at darkness, little did we know that 24 hours later we would have one of the most amazing sights in front of us (More on this on tomorrows blog!) We watched a nice little storm which was located to the east of Mount Lemmon from an Easterly viewpoint but storms once again died off towards Sunset as Moisture was not deep enough yet and diurnal Storms were dying off as the sun went down. We should have no such problems on the 23rd as Moisture would have had an extra day to be deeper.

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