Thursday 25 August 2011

23rd August 2011 - Mount Lemmon (Windy Point)

Today we hit the Jackpot for Lightning Photography. An MCS Was moving due West to the South of Tucson and dissipating as Sunset came on. We went up 7,000ft above Sea Level to overlook Tucson and I noted an Outflow Boundary extending to the South East from the old remnant MCS. Literally as we set up at Windy Point the first Cg bolts started raining down to our South East at a range of 10-12 miles away. This Storm was moving due West over the Lit up Valley below to affect Eastern most parts of Tucson. Our viewpoint was incredible being level with the Storms Base and the next 90 minutes were Cg Lightning Heaven. These are probably some of the best Lightning shots we have seen on our chases. Enjoy!

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