Tuesday 24 April 2012

2 Weeks Until Stormchase 2012

So In 13 Days Time We Once again make the annual pilgramige to the USA & Chase Storms across the Plains, we are starting later this year with the first Chase day being Thursday 10th May. I will be landing in DFW On Monday 7th May to set everything up.

The Season so far has been in fits and starts with no real pattern emerging other than big outbreaks every 6 weeks or so, La Nina is clinging on but is expected to go neutral any time soon, I am expecting a pick up in closeness of the risks soon maybe starting this Friday 27th in Kansas, there could be several Slight Risks next week as well as a zonal pattern looks like setting up, GOM Temperatures are still 2-4c above normal for the time of year and moisture return does not appear to be a problem this year.

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