Sunday, 17 June 2012

Friday 11th May 2012 - SE Texas

Started this day in Corpus Christi with a Slight Risk for Thunderstorms in SE Texas. We had a leisurely morning on the beach at South Padre Island with some swimming in the Gulf Of Mexico before heading North towards the I-10 Interstate. We were initially going to use this day as a positioning day for some New Mexico chases over the coming few days but Storms to our East were simply not moving just to the West of Houston, so with an hour's intercept time we headed east to take a look, we got onto a Tornado warned Storm which had a rotating wall cloud, it looked meaner than it really was and ultimately after an hour promptly died a death. Still it was nice to see what sort of chase conditions were available and I was impressed with the flat farmland in that area and would certainly chase around there again. Headed East and stayed in Kerrville for the Night.

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