Sunday, 17 June 2012

Saturday 19th May 2012 - W Oklahoma

The last chase day for Tour 2 saw us start in Mcpherson knowing there was a broad risk area covering Western and Central Kansas and Western Oklahoma, we chose the Southern risk are as it would be easier for us to get back to DFW For the changeover although i dearly would have loved the Kansas target, this day would end up with us seeing an amazing Classic Supercell near Clinton and brief tornado but also getting bitten by a Landspout fest in South Central Kansas along the very roads we had driven down just hours earlier. After stopping for gas and lunch at Greensburg we continued along the highway south to Woodward and just behind us we could already see a huge Shower breaking the cap behind us, this would be the machine that would crawl across Highway 400 all the way to Wichita and drop Landspouts for fun!! We pressed on and eventually the Cap broke down near to Elk City, we got ourselves under a beautiful Classic Supercell which showed some decent rotation and which also seemed to want to strike us down with it's dangerous Cg bolts raining down around us. We then positioned further South towards Arapahoe and watched 3 Supercells all lined up, an amazing display with a LP Supercell near Elk City, a Classic in front of us and a HP Supercell just to our North. Our Classic Supercell was showing exactly the same structure as Wynnewood and exactly 2 years to the day as well. We witnessed a brief Tornado spin up with this cell just north of Clinton before letting it chase us Southwards all the way to Lawton stopping along the way to grab pictures of the Lightning and insane Structure. A great end to the first tour out here and close enough to Dallas Fort Worth for the changeover as well.

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