Wednesday 4 July 2012

Friday 15th June 2012 - Nebraska and Colorado

Started the day in Kearney with storms expected to fire in the Nebraska Panhandle and parts of the Black Mountains in South Dakota. After looking at the models we chose the easier west route along Interstate 80! After a quick lunch stop in North Platte we pushed onwards and westwards with some storms starting to go up near Scottsbluff. These initially were rather weak and dis-organised but we stuck with them for a while, we then had a strange encounter with a dig that smelt like a Skunk who decided we needed a Chase Mascot and jumped in the seats of the car, we tried about 10 times to haul him outta there but he just made himself a dead weight and was not budging, not even life savers could temp him out. After stinking the car out we finally dragged the mutt out and decided to head further south for some better looking storms which had fired in NE Colorado, these would at least save the day and hopefully give us some Lightning to shoot. Just before sunset we finally got into Colorado and were instantly greeted with anvil crawlers and a beautiful pink mammatus display to save the day. This chase day was very frustrating though for the miles and effort driven for the results we got in the end. Looking like the next few days the season is going to take us back into the Northern Plains.

Beautiful Colours in the Colorado Sunset with pink mammatus and the electric blue of the storms further south near Wray (Colorado)

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