Tuesday 3 July 2012

Monday 28th May 2012 - N Central Texas

Started today in Hays (Kansas) with an initial chase target of between Clinton (Oklahoma) and Lawton. We documented the Tornado damage in La Crosse from the 25th May as we had to drive through that town along Highway 281. After some Lunch in Greensburg we continued on, Storms had already started to initiate in the Texas Panhandle and were heading ENE. We had a dilemma now as we needed to get to the Southern side of these Supercells, the big problem was all of them contained destructuve hail upto 4" in size. So we continued south and picked our way through the gap of 2 Big Supercells and came out the other side near Wichita Falls. After chasing these east for a while the road options were not kind to us and we got cored in Archer, by now daylight was fading so we got some shots of the structure and mammatus filled sky, we also started to get ready for what looks like an amazing day in North Central Oklahoma on the 29th. Stayed in Wichita Falls.

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