Wednesday 4 July 2012

Monday 4th June 2012 - Ok Panhandle

Today was supposed to be a travel day heading north, but when there are non severe storms forecasted along the way it makes the miles go quicker, so we headed north from Amarillo and had an end position of Lamar in our sights for today, between Amarillo and Lamar we had a cluster of Multi cell storms milling around not moving much in the Oklahoma Panhandle, so with some time on our hands we got to about 20 miles south of Boise City and watched some of these storms pinging out Cg Lightning from what looked like 10,000ft bases (Almost Arizona Monsoonal looking Storms) We decided to try and get some hail and noting these storms moving WNW, We had a line of more intense storms SE Of Boise City so we set off to let these impact us, what we ended up with was a massive added bonus, hail torrential rain, incredible Cg's and bear's cage conditions for about 45 minutes. Moved further north to Lamar after this bonus travel day.

Cg Lightning Bolt over Boise City (Oklahoma)

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