Wednesday 4 July 2012

Saturday 2nd June 2012 - Colorado and Kansas

We started today in Plainview and the general risk area was quite broad with Eastern Colorado, Western Kansas, and the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles as risk today, we chose a target of Springfield to Lamar as a target and headed north eating lunch in Dumas. Once again numerous storms fired and it became quite messy very quickly, a Tornado watch was issued for our area but storms were congealing into a mess very quickly, we watched a storm south of Lamar, this was a very weak storm though, a next look at the radar showed another 6 storms firing along a boundary stretching into Western Kansas, i decided to head east and then north towards Holly. At about this time a very strange warning came through from the SPC For a discrete squall line capable of producing a tornado near......blah blah blah. Wtf was a discrete squall line for gods sake ?
Decided to let the line impact us, all the time heading east and into Kansas, once again lightning was great but temperature and dewpoint spreads were just too big ( A trend for 2012 it seems) Game over once again so we stuck with the trying to get some hail route and had a few close lightning bolts along the route to Liberal (Kansas) where we stayed the night. Pictures not much cop today as storms were messy and disorganised.

Cg Bolt near Johnson City (Kansas)

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