Wednesday 4 July 2012

Sunday 10th June 2012 - Kansas

After busting in North Dakota on Friday and a marginal chase day on Saturday 9th near Rapid City we left our overnight position of Chadron with a mammoth drive back south for the changeover of guests on Monday 11th coming up, the outlook today was for a long line of linear storms from Minnesota all the way to NE Kansas, our route took us along I-80 All the way to York and then south to Topeka, all the time the models were showing a breakable cap further south into South Central Kansas or Northern Oklahoma, we were aiming for Norman as our overnight position so we battled on down I-135 Towards Wichita. After gassing up with fuel in Concordia the skies in front of us were starting to look interesting so I put the radar on to have a quick look and sure enough some tops were showing down near to Wichita. Would lady luck smile on us for one last time, sure enough a linear line of storms containing small hail was now going severe in front of us, we followed the natural course of the road which was South Easterly to Wichita and came off that road near Newton, by now the line of 3 or 4 storms had congealed into 1 Supercell. And what a treat it was, a sculptured LP Supercell sitting in front of us, we pulled off the road and witnessed rapid rotation of scud being pulled up into a ragged wall cloud, our little Storm was the only discrete storm in the USA And we were being treated. We went further west and south to be near Hutchinson and watched, the storm just could not produce a full on Tornado so we watched the Lightning from just West of Wichita. A lovely end to Tour 4 and after eating dinner in Wichita we completed the journey south towards Oklahoma City.

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