Thursday 5 July 2012

Thursday 21st June 2012 - Badlands (SD)

Knowing that tomorrow would probably be our last decent chance of seeing Supercells and Tornadoes for the 2012 Season we ambled along from Minnesota to stay local to the Badlands and hope to get some astrology pictures seeing as the moon was not in the sky at the moment, clear skies were forecasted for our area so all was looking good. After having dinner early we got back to the hotel to load up the cars with the cameras and tripods and headed out. Our groups split off into 2 different locations around the park to try for some different unique shots, the Milky Way did not dissappoint with a great showing, we also saw the ISS Pass as clear as anything, this was a great thing to do and if anyone is in the area give the stars a try, it is really easy and you only need a low "F" Number with about 30 second Exposure at around 400-800 ISO.

Milky Way over the Badlands National Park in South Dakota

Team Photograph - Rather Unique and one to keep!

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