Sunday 1 July 2012

Thursday 24th May 2012 - NE Kansas

It's funny how travel days turn into something better and this was a point in case, Models were already showing SE Nebraska and NE Kansas as looking likely to be Severe on Friday the 25th May so we ambled from our overnight position of Lamar towards NE Kansas and picked Topeka as our overnight staying option to keep the risks in play for the expected Friday Risk.........But things change quite rapidly over here and what we did not expect was an Incredible Supercell to form right in front of our noses at Sunset near Topeka on our travel day. So not so much of a chase as something that just fell into our laps and at a beuatiful time of the day as well and from a great viewing position in the Flint Hills of Kansas, the Supercell in the Picture was situated near Ottowa and having seen the pictures from the other side was a HP Supercell with great structure on it's Eastern side as well as the West.

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