Thursday 5 July 2012

Tuesday 19th June 2012 - Minnesota

After the Wisconsin day trip  yesterday we are back in Minnesota with a decent enough set-up for Supercells and good Tornado chances, the best thing about today was the Cap Strength was better to hopefully allow not too many Storms to form (Although hoping it is not too strong to kill or hamper convection of course) and also temperature and dewpoint spreads were finally much better with temps progged at 82 and dewpoints in the low 70's. We left Albert Lea and headed north to have lunch and target St Cloud in readiness for some action, the HRRR Model was showing some storms breaking out near the South Dakota and Western Minnesota border. To our north and above a frontal boundary was a right old mess of storms dumping torrential rain so we left that well alone. At about 7pm little blips started to appear on radar and we headed west towards Alexandria to take a look, the trick today would be to find a storm and hope it gets the spinning done in the warm sector and south of the warm front that was lifting north, I am pretty sure the storm we were on initiated in the warm sector but soon crossed the boundary near Alexandria and it is this reason why we left it shortly after it looked very cold.

Cold looking Storm after it had crossed the Warm Front near Alexandria (Minnesota)

About this time the SPC Issued a Tornado Watch Box for our area, things were looking up......or were they, almost as soon as this was issued the CAP started to fight back and almost all the storms dissipated, it was an amazing sight happening in front of us with pretty much everything that was trying to form dying a slow death, we called off the chase shortly afterwards and stayed in Marshall for the night.

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