Sunday 1 July 2012

Wednesday 23rd May 2012 - E Colorado

After the bust/travel day from the 22nd we started the day in Hays (Kansas) with a Moderate Risk issued for Eastern Nebraska. We drive North towards the I-80 Corridoor and along the way met up with Stu Robinson in Holdrege (Nebraska). Our attention was rapidly being drawn to a new Outlook area over Eastern Colorado, an unforcasted Surface Low Pressure was moving North up the Kansas and Colorado Border and was starting to drag Moisture  around the N/E Side of this Low pressure into E Colorado. The Nebraska risk was looking more and more like a Linear Squall line in the making so we headed west towards Wray. At about 6pm the first of 3 Supercells fired near Limon and we headed South and West to Intercept. Upon arriving it became clear that adequate moisture was still not in the target area and Storms were struggling, Surface obs were showing much better moisture being fed from east to west much further South near Lamar. So we stuck with it and played around with these 3 Supercells, each one becoming more severe as darkness approached. The best cell of the Day was intercepted near Kit Carson which showed amazing Structure, we ended the day at Lamar with our Storm flashing away to our east and producing Ping Pong sized Hailstones, the Nebraska Moderate Risk busted which was music to our ears as well.

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