Wednesday 29 August 2012

25th August 2012 - Prescott Valley

Another day and another Mogollan Rim risk. Today we were going to grab some lunch in the Ghost Town of Jerome but Storms would put a stop to that idea. We found a really nice vantage point in the Prescott Valley near Dewey-Humboldt and watched some really nice Cg strikes from storms over the mountains. Some of the cloudscapes today were stunning and we managed to get some pano shots of developing multi cell storms.

After these storms started to dissipate we headed back west towards a severe storm just north of Payson, road options would mean we could not get anywhere near this Storm as it was sat on top of mountains just 28 miles to our east but with roads to get near it we would have to cover 79 miles.
So we sat and watched it from near Sunset Point along I-17.

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