Monday 22 April 2013

2 Weeks Today!

Time is flying by now and in 2 weeks time we will be hopping across the Pond to Set everything up in readiness for 48 days of chasing The Great Plains and hopefully traditional Tornado Alley. It really has been one of the quietest early springs most people can remember with only itty bitty risks and most of the tornado days occuring in Dixie Alley so far, most of the better looking set-ups across the Southern Plains have not verified or lived up to the hype so far. So this week (w/b 22nd April) once again sees a lot of cold air and a cold front ready to strike early this week, but crucially most models are not seeing a scouring of the moisture away down to the Gulf Of Mexico this time (Could this be the start we need to actually stop these crashing cold fronts) and favourable moisture trajectories setting back in for Friday 26th and Saturday 27th April, early May has also been showing a much better outlook for some severe weather across the Plains so will have to keep an eye on that, lets face it, it cannot get much worse so the only way surely has to be up.

So do I pack jumpers or take the risk on the usual attire of cut downs, T-Shirts and just the lightweight waterprooof ?

Will be back in a week to see how this weeks systems have behaved and by then should be well within the range of our landing day weather and also what type of pattern looks like setting up in the week before we fly.


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