Thursday 27 June 2013

Wednesday 5th June 2013 - NM/TX

Started the day in Childress with 3 areas of interest shown on the models, decided the pick the Upslope Regime in New Mexico as the safest bet with Storms initiating over the Higher Terrain of the Santa Rosa Mountains and heading South Eastwards towards West Texas. We drove west and it was not long before we intercepted a huge HP Supercell near Logan (New Mexico) which was on a South East course towards Interstate 40 and the lower terrain of West Texas near Hereford (Texas).

Logan Supercell Below

After letting this beast with its numerous Gustnadoes and Impressive Outflow winds chase us for a while we set up shot at the Caprock Ampitheatre which put us level with the Storm as it closed in, some very close Cg bolts started raining down onto the wind farm near our location so it was off again, Just North of Clovis and with daylight running out we plotted a course to Friona (Texas) where we thought the highest chance of hail would be just before sunset, now the tricky part of trying to find a car wash to put the car under and a safe viewing point to video the near 100mph winds and Golfball to Baseball sized hail. As we drove into town we luckily got the last space of cover and let the Storm unleash, with a full hour of daylight left it went pitch black and the next 30 minutes was spent watching an incredible hailstorm with major flooding and very high winds.

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