Monday, 2 September 2013

Tuesday 20th August 2013 - Tucson

So day 1 of the Arizona Monsoon Trip had dawned and prospects were not great for today, only marginal non severe storms would fire mainly around the Tucson area so it was a trip down south on Interstate 10 and a chance to check out the much talked about "A" Mountain. The journey down was pretty quick and the Mountain road was easy to find, once at the top there was a 360 degree view, we watched some Lightning from a Storm to our South West and audible thunder was heard (1st of the Trip) and our attention was drawn to a pair of Storms near Marana to our North. These were struggling and only a few bolts of Lightning were observed from our location, the view was so good and the storms so weak there was no need to leave our spot so we took a few snaps.

The Picture below is from "A" Mountain looking North East at the now weakening Storms.

So it was an early night back to our base in Phoenix, but at least it was a Storm day and made it 23 on the trot if you take in 11 Storms days in the 2011 and 2012 seasons, not a bad run and one that we hoped would continue.

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