Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tuesday 27th August 2013 - Flagstaff & Painted Desert

Day 8 of the Arizona Trip and the models all painted a picture of the Northern half of the state being the better bet and the SPC agreed with a 70% Thunderstorm Risk outlook. We left Phoenix at 11am and headed for a 1pm lunch in Flagstaff. Along the way and just south of Flaggy we stopped and pulled over when a nice storm hit our location near Maunds, we documented dime sized hail and a few close flashes of lightning before we carried on and ate lunch. After this we headed North East towards the Painted Desert where a line of Cumulus was developing into some storms the strongest of which was near Tuba City. A small Monsoon storm erupted to our South and we watched a few Cg bolts in the distance but then as with other days all storms dried up by abut 530pm, a quite dissappointing day to be honest for all the miles and we hoped the last 3 days of the trip would give us more sustained storms and not the diurnal storms we have had pretty much all week.

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