Monday, 2 September 2013

Wednesday 21st August 2013 - Globe and Show Low

Day 2 of the trip saw the chance of much better organised Storms, the storm motions would be from the traditional SE To NW Today with much better moisture to work with as well. The decision was taken to head towards the Show Low area and target storms moving up from Safford and Globe. We got to Globe at 12pm and ate Lunch and then headed North towards Show Low. Our first Storms were encountered about 20 miles South of Show Low and we picked a lovely spot in a Valley and watched numerous Lightning Bolts to our North, another Storm moved in front of us at a range of about 1 Mile away and spat out an amazing Cg Bolt than landed 1/4 mile in front of us, unfortunately none of us captured this on Camera. The structure at this time was starting to get very nice with a green tinge denoting some small hail was falling.

After this the Storms moved into an unaccessable area so we were forced back South towards Globe and then North East towards Payson. We did run into another Storm moving across the Mogollan Rim towards sunset but with diurnal heating waning it was down to a weak dying storm and amazing sunset to finish the day.

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