Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Friday 20th June 2014 - Minnesota (Slight Risk)

We left Huron around 11am and headed for Watertown for lunch, we noticed some towers along a stationery boundary to our north before we went into eat and by the time we had finished and came out from lunch these were looking much more robust with an explosive updraught in the distance. We shot north on the Interstate towards North Dakota and crossed into that state, by now our fledgling storm was a full LP Supercell by now to our North East, approaching these from the west is always a joy with some amazing updraughts powering up. We got south of the storm whilst it was tornado warned but never saw anything other than very weak rotation, we kept following it east and south east towards Central Minnesota but I always had 1 eye on tomorrow's much better risk back west in Central South Dakota so when we were confident enough this storm was not going to produce we left it and headed back to stay the night in Watertown on the Minnesota and South Dakota border. Once again I thouroughly enjoyed chasing in Minnesota, the lakes were not a problem and the chase terrain at times was fantastic.

Some Pictures of the Backside of the LP And as it was moving east towards Wisconsin.

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